Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Beginning...

The beginning actually happened several years ago when I sold my previous kit car (Tiger Cat) to make way for a new build. At the time, life became busy and rather than invest in the kit I bought a Rover v8 from Ebay and spend some time stripping, cleaning and reconditioning it. Life is now slightly less busy, and time has come to move the project on one more step.

The house move (a whole other story) has left me without a garage, but there is a car port and a huge shed (not this one ;-). The car port isn't ideal, but with a few modification I can work on the car in most weathers. With power in the "huge" shed I effectively have power in the car port for lighting, drilling, and cutting, etc.

I have built a 2nd shed (shown left) and the push bikes are now tucked away leaving the car port clear... well nearly.

Step 2: Finish engine rebuild, add carbs and get it started.