Thursday, 8 March 2012

Small jobs

I cleaned the starter motor and fitted it and the flywheel - simple!
For fun (!) I dug out the ignition key and switch; wired up the starter and turned the engine over. Nothing went bang which was a good sign. Debating whether to add some fuel and a spark (or 8) and fire it up, but without any exhaust it will just be painful. Good to know the battery still works.

LT77 Gearbox bellhousings are proving to be a pain. The one I was sold with the gearbox turned out to be for a 4WD gearbox so I'm returning that. Saw one last night on ebay, but turned out not fit a v8 (starter and clutch holes need to be on the same side - this one might have fit, but the clutch cable would have been at the top...;-( So Beware when buying LT77s and Bellhousing.

Now, I'm running out of jobs to do, and it's time to BUY THE KIT....!!

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