Monday, 16 June 2014

Dashboard dials

I ordered the dashboard dials and sensors from ETB Instrument. I can really recommend them. Great product, arrived on time and packaged brilliantly! I used them on my previous kit car and had no trouble at all.

There latest speedo and rev counters come with built in warning lights (sadly not shown on their website). Not having the extra LEDs makes the dash a lot more tidy. The speedo has handbrake, charge and oil pressure warning lights and the rev counter has the other 3 (left/right indicator and hi-beam)

I've made a temporary dash to help sort the wiring out before I fit the full dash - much easier to take in and out.
Starting to draw up a wiring diagram for it and buy some multi-connector plugs to make it easy to disconnect all the dials - it'll also help with keeping the wiring neat and tidy for Mr. IVA man, as under-dash wiring can get into a real mess :-)

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