Monday, 13 August 2012

Flywheel, Clutch and Gearbox

Life is always simple when the gearbox and engine come from the same car - in my case they didn't and that's where the fun started. I have a Rover V8 3.9l (and 3.5l) from Land Rover Discovery. There are 4WD cars, with gearboxes unsuitable for the Cobra. So I sourced an LT77 2WD box. Once I had figured out I needed a 2WD bellhousing, I thought I was ready to roll.

I bought a new clutch plate and cover to match the engine - WRONG! The 4WD Clutch cover is too large for the 2WD bellhousing, so off I went in search of a 2WD clutch plate/cover - which fits a Rover SD1. Guess what, it didn't fit onto the 4WD flywheel. At this point I wanted to cry and wonder how far back I was going to have to go to make it all fit. Someone from the cobra forum came to my rescue and sold me a spare SD1 flywheel, clutch plate/cover, and release bearing - Perfect! Rimmer Bros supplied the clutch release arm and it all looks good:
A trial fit of it all showed that the spigot bush was too large for the 2WD bearbox shaft. The spigot bush shown below fits into the centre of the crank shaft exposed through the flywheel (shown above). The one fitted is intended for the 4WD shaft, and is a few mm bigger. Without the correct spigot bush the end of the gearbox shaft would not be correctly supported. Question is how does one remove the old one? Advise from the forums and a YouTube video shows a simple solution. It is counter intuitive to hammer something in to make it come out - I understood the idea behind it, but was sure that I would just end up covered in grease - But it worked ;-)

The new one is simply fitted by putting in the freezer over night to make it as small as possible, covering with grease and tapping into place.
Pilgrim recommend using a clutch cable, but having heard that this gives a stiff clutch pedal and even stories of snapped cables, I have decided to get a forum-buddy to make me a Hydraulic Clutch conversion - watch this space... In the meantime, it's loom time!

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