Saturday, 29 December 2012

Fitting the boot

The boot isn't a bad fit, but it isn't perfect. I had to remove the edge all the way around to make it fit. It won't be visible when the boot is shut, and since it is a dark colour I don't think it will be too bad when the boot is open. I have bought some gel coat from Pilgrim to touch up the edge if needed.

I bought the wrong boot seal. It is door seal, i.e. (Side Seal not Top Seal), and the same seal is used for boot and door. The lip around the boot aperture needs to also be trimmed - basically removing the return lip and cutting back so the boot trim sits close to the edge of the aperture. It must be fairly close so the seal doesn't prevent the boot from closing

Next is to fit the two hinges to the top. Very nervous about drilling holes in the body. "Measure twice - cut once"... more like read manual, watch video, think about it, measure, measure, measure again, think about it some more and put off until tomorrow.

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