Monday, 10 December 2012

Cooling fan

Before plumbing the radiator I checked the 2 fans were working and were indeed sucking (or pull) fans, i.e. they pull air from back to front so when mounted on the back of the radiator they will pull the air through. Sadly they were blowing (or push) fans. Switching the polarity made them spin the other way, but due to the way the blades are made they don't work so efficiently in reverse. I returned them to Pilgrim who supplied a single big fan - which when you work out the surface area is bigger than 2 small ones (and cheaper too!).

I made some simple brackets and attached it to the radiator:

Plumbing the engine wasn't simple, and the Pilgrim hoses supplied didn't fit the Rover V8, so I returned them and used some flexi hose. For anyone wanting the detail:
 - Bottom of Rad connects to bottom of water pump
 - Top of Rad connects to front of manifold (where thermostat is housed)
 - Back of water pump to connects to heater (via a T piece - see below)
 - Heater return connects to the back of manifold
 - Expansion tank top and bottom to small pipes on rad top and bottom

My thermostat housing has a bypass outlet to allow water to flow to heater. Trouble is I had no where to connect it as the back of my water pump had only 1 outlet, so I simply put a T piece.

Next is to fill with 50/50 antifreeze and water and check for leaks.

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