Sunday, 29 March 2015

Gaiters, Seats and Carpet

Thankfully I remembered to fit the tunnel carpet before I fit the dash and had even planned it into the fitting of the heater. Once the dash was in, I cut down the gearstick to a level where it didn't feel like I was driving a truck, and it didn't touch the dash in 1st, 3rd, or 5th. The gaiters were easy to fit and looked good with the chrome surround:

The interior side panels needed a fair amount of trimming to fit snugly against the rubber door seal. I decided to fit them so they could be removed to give me access to the door mountings. Except that they needed to be sealed at the rear to prevent any road grime into the cockpit. So I fibre glassed the rear end of them as shown and cut them in half so the front section could be removed. Once the carpet was laid on top it nicely hid all this.

Getting the seats in was easy, but I struggled to get the bolts lined up with holes I drilled. They look great and been able to sit in the car and make brmm brmm noises was a good day!

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