Sunday, 29 March 2015

Inside the boot

This part of the build seemed to take forever for something that doesn't appear that complex. In summary it involved:
 - Trimming and fitting the rear inner arches
 - Board off the fuel tank
 - Fitting the carpet

However, it wasn't that simple. Fitting the inner arches involves many trial fittings and trimming of the fibre glass and then securing them in so they seal in the boot and behind the seat. Learning to fibre glass was a new skill and is actually quite simple once you have the right kit ( thanks ebay!) I decided  that unlike the front wheel arch inners these didn't need to be removable:

I decided to board in the fuel tank away from the boot itself. I wasn't sure if it was an IVA requirement, but the less Mr. IVA can see the better and I felt it was neater to have one flat edge to fit the carpet to. It proved a good decision as during the IVA he opened the boot and took one look and closed the lid saying there wasn't much to see in there :-)

The board is made of 2 pieces of marine ply attached to the bottom and sides of the boot allowing the number plate light wire to appear and up to the boot.

I've lost count of the number of times I have had to remove those panels:
 - After fitting, the fuel pump failed and had to be replaced.
 - After replacing the fuel pump a fuel smell developed in the boot (not good!)
 - After re-fitting and tighening all unions the smell was still there
 - Finally narrowed it down the plastic fuel filter - frustrating as it was only slightly porous, so needed to be felt over night before any smell became evident.

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