Tuesday, 22 May 2012

On all fours...

Here's the missing picture of the diff in place. It wasn't quite as hard as I had imagined to lift and bolt in:
Once the diff was in place it was a simple matter to add the drive shafts (longer one on the drivers side). I bought new rear slave cylinders, brake shoes and springs as the old ones were rusty and new brake components is always wise!
 One last brake line from the flexihose attached to the hub that runs to the slave cylinder. I bought a 25ft role of copper brake pipe and have 3cm left over ;-) More by luck than judgement!

The handbrake is in place and attached but needs some serious tightening up which I'm sure is possible...I hope. Now that the all the brakes and suspension is in place I could resist bolting on the wheels and letting it sit on all four for the first time!

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