Sunday, 13 May 2012

Rear Brake Lines

Much the same as the front brakes. Lots of measuring, flaring, drilling, and riveting, taking great care to ensure there are enough clips holding the brake pipe to keep Mr.IVAman happy. There is no specified distance in the IVA manual, but they mustn't move AT ALL. More clips is safer and also ensuring that the pipe doesn't touch the chassis as it bends around corners.

The pipe runs along the drivers side from the master cylinder and under the rear end where it splits via a t-piece shown below.

Up and over the tunnel (glad I didn't fit the diff first! ) to the other flexi-hose:

This last photo also shows the handbrake cable in place and attached to the handbrake poking through the tunnel.

The diff (picture to follow) was tricky to get in. I eventually managed it by raising it on a trolley jack, fitting the bracket as I lifted it and the lower the chassis to get it into it's final position. Did it 1 handed too!

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