Sunday, 27 May 2012

Steering rack and column

The Steering rack and column went in over the weekend. Took much longer than I anticipated. When I set the wheel alignment to 0 deg I found that the track rod ends need to be wound all the way in. Sadly the threads on the track rods were rusted  from never being used on the old Sierra donor, and with little to hold onto it was impossible to simple wind the nut on. It took me a while to wire brush both sides and finally get the nuts and track rod ends to their correct position.

The steering column goes through a hole in the bulkhead that is way too big for the Sierra column bush, so with advice from the forums I bought a £10 bearing to fit in the hole. The guys at BearingBoys did a great job in sending it the next day:
And here it is fitted to the bulkhead:

The steering column needs extending which was a simple task if you follow the method in the manual. Once extended it no longer rubbed on the brake pedal which was an initial worry (instant IVA failure!).

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