Monday, 22 October 2012

Engine finally in

I finally ran out of those "small" jobs and it was time to fit the engine. After a few attempts, and much swearing I managed to get gearbox to mate with the engine. The clutch was aligned, but the spigot bush was obviously a perfect fit, so the gearbox needed to be perfectly level to slide in. Everything else was prepared and ready to go including, new bushes on the gearbox remote new gearbox mounting rubbers, and new clutch release bearing and arm (just hope it's all correct as I really don't want to EVER separate the gearbox and engine EVER again ;-)

We lowered the engine into the engine bay with no trouble at all (thanks Michael), until it became obvious that the engine mounts would not fit. After much measuring and more swearing I realised (OK Michael did), that I had the engine mounts the wrong way around - whoops!
 The gearbox mount and prop shaft were simple tasks to fit as were the new Edelbrock carbs and rover covers you can see below. I also fitted a heat insulator between manifold and carb to prevent any fuel vapourisation from a hot engine.

The fuel lines are fitted, the fuel pump is wired, as is the starter, so it only leaves the ignition and distributor to wire before a starting the engine. Mustn't forget the exhaust manifolds!

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