Sunday, 28 October 2012

Preparing to "fire it up"

Lots of little jobs (sorry no photos).
 - Wired fuel pump
 - Connected fuel tank to fuel pump, disconnected it all and added in a fuel filter
 - Connected fuel pipe in engine bay to carbs remembering the 2nd fuel filter - not really necessary, but can't hurt and since it is clear plastic you can see the fuel is being pumped to the carbs
 - Blanked off the 2nd fuel pipe to the fuel tank (not needed as not using fuel injection)
 - Connected the Sierra ignition switch to the loom and tested fuel pump (tick!):
Red - live
Yellow - key position I
Black/Yellow - key position II
Black/Blue - key position III (starting)
 - Wired the coil to the DLM8 Distributor (actually to the amplifier/ignition module on the side). No where could I find a circuit diagram for this, but finally figured it out Red to Coil +ve, and Blue to coil -ve.
 - Wired coil to ignition switch mkey position II
 - Finally wired the oil pressure sensor.

4 things left to do:
 - Fill with oil and turn over to ensure the oil pressure light goes out (pump may need priming)
 - Bolt on exhausts
 - Put some petrol in the tank
 - Cross all fingers and pray before turning ignition switch

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