Monday, 22 October 2012

The Loom

The hardest part about the loom is working out which wire is which. From experience I have learnt that labelling every wire saves so much time later on. So in front of the fire I laid out the loom front to back and labelled each wire. I also spotted a few mistakes in the wiring diagram and Pilgrim had supplied the wrong type of relay (Type A and Type B are not the same pin-out).

The next tricky bit is feeding all the wires through a hole in the bulkhead (not forgetting the rubber grommet - thanks ebay!). After that the fuse and relay holders need securing to the side (and top in my case) of the drivers side footwell:

The rest of the loom has been "laid" onto the chassis and temporarily cable tied in roughly the right place.
Sadly the Pilgrim loom is generic, so a number of the engine bay wires need to be shorten, e.g. the RoverV8 starter is drivers side. Not a difficult job, but a shame to un-bind the loom to remove wires.

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