Saturday, 17 May 2014

Bonnet fittings

It's been a while since I posted (over a year - whoops!)... So back in Feb 2013 I started to work on adding all the fun stuff to the bonnet: Handles, Stay, Grill:

Adding the handles was very simple, but as with all body drilling there was lots of checking and double checking before drilling the first hole. Here the bonnet off the car showing the handle:
 and the underside of the grill. I used a piece of rubber U-tube to hold the grill and then bonded it to the underside of the bonnet

Now the bonnet has handles and opens and closes its time to fit the stay. I looked into getting a couple of gas struts to support the bonnet, but since they aren't cheap and how often do you really need to open the bonnet... I have added it to my upgrade list. They do look good though - see a video of a cobra with bonnet struts:

Once I figured out the measurements of where to place the bonnet stay it was a simple job to fit - I did have to make a small bracket to make fitting to the body stronger and slight lower:

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