Sunday, 18 May 2014

The boot lid fixings

The boot lid fixings included the hinges, the lock, the support stay and the number plate light.
The hinges were fairly straightforward once they were lined up

The boot lock and handle.

And lastly the number plate light. Easy to fit with 2 bolts, but the tough part is the wiring. I didn't want to attach a wire along the inside of the boot and knew it was possible to feed a wire between the inner and outer skins of the boot. With a hole drilled near the light and another near the hinge, I followed the advice on the forums to get the wire through. The idea is to have a piece of thread tied to a metal nut and feed to nut through the channel using a magnet. Sounds easy, but mine kept getting caught on rough inside of the fibreglass. I solved it by using a piece of net curtain wire, strong enough to push through the hole and flexible enough to feed around the corners. Once through the channel and out the other side it was a simple matter to tie the piece of wire to it and pull it through. Adding a a grommet in each hole and job done!

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