Thursday, 22 May 2014

Rear Lights

The rear needs to include:
 - Tail lights
 - Brake lights
 - Indicators
 - Reversing light
 - Fog light
 - and last but not least reflectors

After much thought I went for a combined red tail and brake light and an indicator on each side which fit nicely in the space on the body. Reflectors didn't seem to fit anywhere sensible, so I made up a simple bracket to fit to the nudge bar supports:

And it sits nicely in the gap in the nudge bar:

The single fog and reversing light (which are both IVA requirements) again didn't fit anywhere on the body. So after much searching I found a matching pair of slim box lights, one white, and one red. Using two large P clips with rubber covering I bolted these to the nudge bar:

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